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Road Fund Sponsors End of Year Road Safety Campaign

Road Fund Sponsors End of Year Road Safety Campaign

In a quest to fulfil part of its mandate, which is to promote road user safety programmes, Road Fund has sponsored the Road Safety Annual End of Year Campaign.

In his speech to officially launch the campaign, the Minister of Public Works and Transport, Mr Matjato Moteane said the success of the campaign depends on all stakeholders coming together to join hands in dealing with safety on the roads, adding that government on its own would not succeed even if they tried.

He said road users need to take road safety seriously, as many lives are lost on the roads due to among others negligence, reckless driving and drunken driving. “This year we are focusing on drunk driving, use of seatbelt, over speeding and roadworthy vehicles, hence our theme of the campaign is “Don’t drink and drive, speed kills”, he added.

Mr. Moteane concluded by explained that the government of Lesotho has signed an agreement with global organisations to decrease road accidents by half in the year 2030, adding that statistics shows that 87% of the accidents are caused by reckless driving, further urging drivers and the nation to abide by the road traffic laws in order to decrease the number of deaths and accidents that are road related.

Speaking at the occasion, the Road Fund CEO Mr.  Nkekeletse Makara emphasised the need to support the Road Safety Department to educate road users and the nation at large about responsible driving and use of roads.

He further indicated that the campaigns need to be done regularly for more awareness and understanding by road users, adding that for as long as the campaigns prove to be useful, the Fund will continue to support them financially and otherwise.

The Director of Road Safety Department Dr. Kinini Mathews urged government to put road safety high in its agenda, so that her Department can perform as expected to enhance road user education. She thanked the Road Fund for continued support for her Department’s initiatives over the years.

“Our objective is to protect the lives of the people and their properties, and we will do everything in our power to achieve this, Police Officers will work with Road Safety through and through in order to make this campaign a success”, stated the Assistant Commissioner of Police Operations Mr. Matete Lenea.

Other officials who spoke at the ceremony reiterated the importance of road safety and reduction of road accidents which result in increased fatalities and damage to property.

The campaign started on December 05, 2022 and will run through to January 04, 2023. It is held annually under different themes and Road Fund is its main sponsor.                     

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