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Road Users encouraged to acquire Toll Gate Prepaid Cards

Road users are encouraged to acquire Toll Gates Prepaid Cards for convenience while crossing the borders from the neighbouring South Africa into Lesotho.

By loading the card at M200.00; which is the minimum one can load into the card and is usable, the advantages of having the card are as follow:

  • Crossing at all Boarders;
  • Avoiding long queues (pass on express line);
  • Less handling of money so less COVID-19 infections;
  • Cards now rechargeable at Lanes, no need to go back to the office;
  • M200 loaded in card is usable;
  • Card does not expire and can be reloaded with any amount of user’s choice.

Safety precautions for the Toll Card are as follows:

  • Do not punch hole in it;
  • Ensure that is has no cracks;
  • It should not be exposed to the sun.

The card can be replaced as follows:

  • Pay M50.00 replacement fees;
  • Replacement is done at Road fund offices only.

Cards are available at LRA Offices at all Ports of Entry except Sani Border Post for now.








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