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School Children Educated on Safety on the Roads

School Children Educated on Safety on the Roads

The Road Safety Department has embarked on a Back to School Campaign aimed at enhancing road safety education for both primary and high school students throughout the country.

The campaign, which is sponsored by the Road Fund, commenced on May 04, 2021 and will continue to the end of the current financial year, as the intention is to reach as many schools along the main roads as possible. It is conducted under the theme ‘‘Safe lives, love 30km/h back to school” with the aim to encourage drivers to slow down as they approach schools so as to save the lives of the students.

On June 16, 2021 the Road Safety team was at Leqele High School and Maseru East Government Primary School. Addressing the students at both schools, the Principal Information Officer Mr. Mosaja Ntšoane explained that through the campaign his department is aiming to reduce the number of accidents and overloading of school taxis and buses that normally takes place when schools re-open.

He encouraged students to report accidents if they occur, pointing out that they should write down the vehicle’s number plate, colour and type so that it can be easily traceable should need be.inflatable slide

He further indicated that students should always cross the roads at safe zones such as at the road bridges, speed humps that have zebra crossings or at the traffic lights. Mr. Ntšoane further warned students to avoid crossing the road at curved places or at danger zones where traffic is not visible.

He stated that some of the challenges they face when schools re- open are increased number of overloads on children transportation and the high death rate of students that cross the road on dangerous zones, adding that students should never endure overloaded buses and taxis as that puts their lives in danger should anything happen on the roads.

“Always report accidents with village chiefs and/or nearby police stations; avoid joining dangerous gangs that can put your lives in danger, like the now rampant ‘manomoro’ gang, you are the future leaders of this country, that is why we are concerned about your safety in all aspects” he emphasized.

He concluded by requesting students to refrain from vandalizing road furniture like road signs with stones as this causes unnecessary road accidents, further saying they should avoid playing with their bicycles on the roadway for their own safety.

Speaking on behalf of the students and teachers, the Principal of Leqele High School Mrs. ‘Mantebele Mahamo thanked the Road Safety Department for educating the students on safety on the roads, appealing to students to practice what they have been taught for their safety and that of other road users.

The Team has already been to schools in Leribe, Berea, Mafeteng and Maseru. The campaign has been sponsored by Road Fund to a tune of M225,000.00.


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