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Road Fund reaches out to Orphans and Vulnerable Students

Road Fund reaches out to Orphans and Vulnerable Students

Road Fund has reached out to Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVCs) of Thaba-Bosiu Primary School, through a donation of School Uniform, Food Parcels and Toiletries worth M60, 000.00, during a ceremony held at Thaba-Bosiu in Maseru.

Speaking at the occasion, the Road Fund Chief Executive Officer Mr. Nkekeletse Makara encouraged the vulnerable students whom Road Fund came to assist to accept the love and gather strength to work harder than they ever did before, adding that students should come together as one, work hand in hand with their teachers for best results.

He said they should consider themselves lucky for there are some children their age who have nothing, no access to schooling and no hope for the future, also reiterating that they should stay focused such that they become future leaders of this country.

“Blessed is the hand that gives than the one that takes, therefore we feel honoured as Road Fund to make an impact in the lives of those who are vulnerable before society. I am appealing to you to always have hope and not to despair about life in order to succeed”, he concluded.

Accepting the donation, Thaba-Bosiu Primary School Principal Mrs. ‘Mamoji Madrass Moabi expressed her heartfelt gratitude for the donation. She stated that they are faced with the problem of children who are so vulnerable that most of them have difficulty in accessing food and other basic necessities for every child so as a result the school has to provide lunch to every student.

“You have brought so much joy to this School; our hope is that this is only the beginning of good things to come our way. Needless to say, the uniform, food and toiletries we are receiving will go a long way in addressing the vulnerability that these twenty students we have chosen face day in day out,” she reiterated.

Delivering a keynote address on behalf of the Principal Chief of Thaba- Bosiu Mr. Makotoko Theko thanked Road Fund for bringing a smile to the needy students, adding that the donation has come at an opportune time as it is the beginning of the year and it will surely motivate the recipients for the rest of the year and more years to come.

“This School has produced great leaders, we are so ashamed at the state that it is in now, so we have formed a union of former students where we plan to have it refurbished. We therefore thank Road Fund for remembering us, we believe this gesture will open more doors for us,” he concluded.

Other dignitaries who spoke at the occasion, including the School Board Chairperson and the Local Councilor, encouraged students to work hard and focus on their future because through hard work they can fulfill their dreams and become resourceful future leaders.

They further encouraged students to make informed decisions to determine their future, and bear in mind that they are at school for their own good not for someone else’s. They said it was important to dream big and know what they wanted, they should have backbones and focus, be able to distinguish between good and bad advices.

The donation was part of the Corporate Social Responsibility programme of the Road Fund, where vulnerable groups are identified and assisted, depending on their needs and availability of funds.

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