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Principals briefed on Automated Traffic Justice System

Principals briefed on Automated Traffic Justice System

Principals from Road Fund, Lesotho Mounted Police Services (LMPS), Prosecution and Judiciary were briefed about the Automated Traffic Justice System during a meeting that was organised by the Automated Traffic Justice System development team in Maseru recently.

The Automated Traffic Justice System project is supported financially by Road Fund, while LMPS, Prosecution, Judiciary are the users and Engidata is the developer of the system. The system is aimed at improving workflow between departments that deal with traffic offences resulting from contravention of the Road Traffic laws of the country.

In her welcome remarks, the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) Advocate Hlalefang Motinyane said that the road offences affect the society at large and therefore the system will make sure that they are dealt with quickly in order to protect the law and the road users.

She also mentioned that the system is not just going to help the police but also the public at large to abide by rules of the roads and the courts to pass relevant sentences to the offences.

The Chairperson of the project Advocate Lesitsi Mokeke said that the financial support given by the Road Fund will always be appreciated as it ensures success of the Project.

During the briefing, Senior Inspector Moeketsi Mahetlane mentioned that during the sensitization to stakeholders about the Automated Traffic Justice System, there were challenges that the team experienced regarding the system which were fortunately resolved, for example, there are police stations without electricity and inadequate computer literacy amongst the users, limited devices and data which would hinder the system to work effectively.

Speaking at the occasion, Chief Magistrate ‘Matankiso Nthunya said that the system breaks the traditional way of dealing with the traffic offences manually whereby it took longer for cases to be dealt, some of which would disappear within the manual system.

She said that the system will restore social trust in justice provided by the courts and eliminate the social stigma of the cases that disappear in court.

The Police Commissioner Mr. Holomo Molibeli applauded and thanked the team for the development of the Automated Traffic Justice System, pointing out that the system will speed up the justice system and therefore the road offenders will face justice and conviction within a short period of time.

The System is being piloted in Maseru and will be rolled out to other districts in due course.

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