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It Is Possible to Bounce Higher After the Storm

It Is Possible to Bounce Higher After the Storm

“To bounce higher and emerge stronger from the crisis, the mental resilience of the individual and the collective resilience of the team must be activated jointly.” This is what the Road Fund Management Team learned during a one-day online Seminar hosted by Mentally Fit Coach and Trainer Mr. Luc Van Der Hafstadt.

The seminar was held in the aftermath of the effects of the Lockdown, imposed by the COVID 19 Pandemic, which has affected the whole world, thereby forcing new ways of thinking and doing business.

He said it was important to know that tough times do not last yet tough teams do, adding that hard times should therefore produce hard teams. He emphasized the need to always find a solution and be agile in dealing with any situation, adding that the team should not be afraid to be flexible and try new things that will work for the Fund.

He advised the team that in order to survive, it was important to avoid comparing the Road Fund with other companies, as the pandemic has affected organizations differently. He said the focus should only be to rebuild the team, which comes with developing common goals, frameworks and trust that together the goals will be achieved.

Speaking at the of the seminar, the Road Fund Chief Executive Officer Mr. Nkekeletse Makara acknowledged that there was indeed a need to adjust minds to be able to adapt to the new normal and to function reasonably well.

“We are in trying times due to the pandemic, the pandemic itself is new to everyone, we are thankful that the Seminar has taught us how best to reposition ourselves, so as to continue to steer the ship in the right direction,” he added.

He concluded by indicating that it has become apparent that use of technology will come in handy during these trying times, making an example of the seminar that was conducted online but still yielded the intended results.

Meanwhile, team members then identified achievements and challenges facing the Road Fund from the Lockdown period to date, to which the Trainer said were the starting point to carefully review and strategize on when looking at the plans to bounce higher after the storm.


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