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It is one thing to develop a Strategy, and another to implement it-Road Fund CEO

It is one thing to develop a Strategy, and another to implement it-Road Fund CEO

The Road Fund Chief Executive Officer Mr. Nkekeletse Makara says it is one thing to develop a Strategy; and another to implement it.

 He said this while delivering welcome remarks at the Road Safety Strategy Workshop held in Maseru on Tuesday December 03, 2019.

 He pleaded with the Road Safety Department to ensure that the document is not only well written but it should also be implemented accordingly, adding that many well written documents end up on the shelves gathering dust.

 He applauded the Department for the initiative to develop the Strategic Plan in consultation with the stakeholders, expressing hope that it will be holistic as issues of Road Safety cut across and apply to different categories of road users.

 He said strategic planning is important to an organization because it provides a sense of direction and outlines measurable goals, adding that the Department is therefore on the right track with this initiative, as they will be able to check progress based on the goals they set for themselves for the coming 5 years.

 “We are committed to ensuring that safety in the roads is maintained, so we will be right behind you to ensure that this journey is a success”, he reiterated.

 He concluded by urging all stakeholders to provide the necessary support to the Road Safety Department, clarifying that without the support of stakeholders, the Department would not record any achievements.

This is the first Strategic Plan to be developed by the Road Safety Department. It will be a five-year plan to end in 2025.


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