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Road Fund Supports Road Safety Campaign

As part of its mandate, which is to promote road user safety programmes, Road Fund has sponsored the Annual Road Safety Christmas and New Year Awareness Campaign to a tune of M600,000. 00.

The Campaign was launched by the Minister of Transport Mr. Tšoeu Mokeretla via Lesotho Television on Friday. It is being conducted in the three regions of the country from Monday December 13, 2021 and will end on Friday January 07, 2022.

The theme for the campaign has been unveiled as “Slow down, Speed kills”. The intention is to further educate the nation about the importance of keeping safe on the roads during the upcoming festive season by driving within the stipulated speed limit, as high speed indeed kills.

In his speech, the Minister said the success of the Campaign depends on all stakeholders coming together to join hands in dealing with safety on the roads, urging road users to take road safety seriously, as many lives are lost on the roads due to among others reckless driving, negligence and drunken driving.

“In Lesotho, about 5000 road accidents occur annually, and about 300 lives are lost on the roads; these are unnecessary deaths and can be avoided. The severity of a crash increases with speed, if you speed you might not be able to stop, I encourage you to drive carefully not only for your benefit as drivers but for all other road users as well’, he reiterated.

He further urged pedestrians to be equally cognisant of their safety at all times, adding that no road user should lose their lives to road accidents, especially during the campaign period.

He concluded by requesting road users and the general public to work hand in hand with the Road Safety officials and their stakeholders to make the Campaign a success that is intended to be.

The Campaign is held annually under different themes to educate the nation about the importance of keeping safe on the roads, not only during Campaign times but at all times.




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